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Rearing Horse Headstone

Rearing Horse Headstone

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Granite Headstone- Rearing Horse - Antique Carving

Price includes:


Choice Of: Gold Leaf or Painted Letters

Foundation (Except in Glasnevin Trust Cemeteries)

Installation at cemetery 


1 Year Free Standard Grave Maintenance!



 Item Width (inches) Length (inches) Height (inches)
Headstone 42 6 34
Base 46 9 9
Plinth (If Lawn Cemetery) 47 18 4
Kerbs (If Selected) 4 TBC 5
Posts 6 6

Make a Memorial Statement with the Rearing Horse Headstone

When choosing a gravestone, you must honour a loved one's wishes as much as possible. If those wishes are unknown, you can try to match the spirit of the departed. Our horse headstone is one piece that can help you do that. The symbol of a horse can say different things. For one, it's perfect if the deceased was a horse lover. In some cultures, a horse symbolises the journey to heaven.

You can contact GMS Ireland for its stylish horse gravestone. This piece has a plain design of a classic standing headstone with a rearing horse on one side. The gravestone is black while the horse is silver-grey. With this colour combination, you get a simple yet captivating piece. The headstone sits on a large base.

Headstones That Say Something

We do headstone inscriptions to personalise monuments. You can add a personal message, favourite quote or even a picture on the gravestone. With our talented engravers, there is no reason to have an average monument. We offer the choice of gold leaf or painted letters. With the large canvas on this piece, there are many customisation options.

Our gravestones guarantee excellent service as they are made from a long-lasting material - granite. They can withstand weathering for a significant period. We offer installation at the cemetery as well, which gets one thing off your plate during this trying time.

At GMS, we have 100s of headstone designs to cater to the diverse clientele that we serve. We also have affordable pricing options that make it easy to afford the right piece. Honour a loved one with a horse headstone and pay a deserving tribute.