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Praying Angel Headstone - Antique

Praying Angel Headstone - Antique

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Granite Angel Headstone with Antique Carved Praying Angel

Price includes:


Choice Of: Gold Leaf or Painted Letters

Foundation (Except in Glasnevin Trust Cemeteries)

Installation at cemetery 


1 Year Free Standard Grave Maintenance!



 Item Width (inches) Length (inches) Height (inches)
Headstone 37 4 32
Sub Base 42 8
Base 46 9
Plinth (If Lawn Cemetery) 47 18 4
Kerbs (If Selected) 4 TBC 5
Posts 6 6 7 Chamfered

Beautifully Polished Praying Angel Antique Headstone

Picking the perfect headstone for a loved one is draining, and it can be worse for a child. At GMS, we strive to make the grieving period as tolerable as possible. One way is by providing clients with as many options as possible. Our Angel headstone is among the top designs for infants.

However, it is suitable for children of all ages. The gravestone is black granite with a grey guardian angel, hands clasped in prayer, carved on one side of it. A single flower with large petals gives the headstone a stylish look. The silhouette of the gravestone curves ever so slightly at the top to complete this antique piece.

A Headstone Worth the Investment

Our angel monument is a testament to our outstanding craftwork. Besides being a stunning piece, it is durable. Granite headstones are popular due to the longevity that the material provides. You can expect this gravestone to last a long while without worrying about it breaking chipping or cracking.

Additionally, GMS offers standard grave maintenance for a year. We promise affordable pricing. Financing is available for clients who need it. Apart from the angel gravestone, we have hundreds of other designs.

Contact us to order the angel headstone for that loved one who deserves a guardian angel on their final resting place.