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Wooden Grave Surround with artificial grass

Wooden Grave Surround with artificial grass

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Accessorise a Grave with Wooden Surround and Artificial Turf

Beautifying graves is our speciality, and we excel at it. GMS has a wide range of products and services that are tailored for all kinds of gravestones. Wooden grave surrounds are some of our top sellers. This grave surround is perfect for adding personality to your loved one's final resting place.

The grave is a critical factor when preparing a resting place, and there's so much to do with it. Our surrounds are created with the specific need of a particular grave. This wooden surround is in natural wood with artificial turf inside.

Our skilled craftspeople create each piece in the highest standards. Expect a stylish surround that will survive the harsh weather in Ireland. If you have any requests for your grave surrounds, relay them to us.

The Value of Artificial Grass

Natural grass might be appealing, but it also demands a lot of maintenance. With synthetic grass, you won't have to keep worrying about weeds growing in the surround. Artificial grass for graves resembles planted grass without the constant need for care. Synthetic turf maintains its colour and lasts a long while.

We handpick the turf to ensure that it is right for the surround. Clients with unique landscaping requests can inform us, and we will incorporate them if possible. Get surrounds for graves with well-fitted artificial grass to create a harmonious resting place.

For the ultimate bespoke surrounds, contact GMS. We have wooden grave surrounds for single and double plots. Send your specific requirements to help us tailor the right surround for a grave.