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Dove Scroll Headstone - GM Ireland Provide Dublin Ireland

Dove Scroll Headstone

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Pay Deserving Tribute to a Loved One with a Dove Headstone

The dove is a common motif on gravestones. It represents love, peace and innocence. Our dove scroll headstone is one of the designs that you get for a loved one. The gravestone has a scroll that takes up a third of the surface. Its ends unroll majestically, framing it beautifully.

On the bottom left of the headstone is a white rose while the top-left has a dove in mid-flight. If you are looking for a dove headstone, this GMS piece is worth considering.

It sits on two plinths, which gives the gravestone a towering appearance. The piece is polished smoothly, providing an elegant finish. Its curved lines at the top and side of the headstone allow it to stand out.

Gravestone Customisation

If you want a long-lasting headstone with doves, this piece is it. We craft our gravestones from high-grade granite that is resistant to chipping, scratching and cracking. For personalisation, the scroll offers plenty of room with which to work and custom inscriptions.

You can have another symbol added to the piece. The space is enough for a photograph if that is preferable. Customise the headstone with an engraved message. Check out some of our projects for inspiration. Choose from three colour options - black, Aurora and Blue Lagoon.

We have headstone financing alternatives for the buyers who require it. Ask for assistance in finding the right one for you. Besides the gravestone, you can hire our maintenance services.

Get this scroll headstone with a dove from GMS to create the perfect resting place for a loved one.