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Carved Tree - Antique

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Granite Headstone- Carved Tree - Antique Carving

Price includes:


Choice Of: Gold Leaf or Painted Letters

Foundation (Except in Glasnevin Trust Cemeteries)

Installation at cemetery 


1 Year Free Standard Grave Maintenance!



 Item Width (inches) Length (inches) Height (inches)
Headstone 30 4 36
Base 35 9
Plinth (If Lawn Cemetery) 47 18 4
Kerbs (If Selected) 4 TBC 5
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Carved Tree Antique Gravestone

The beauty of getting GMS to custom make gravestones is that you are assured of a creation that meets your specific needs. We have a creative team that factors in different aspects like the profession, culture and hobbies of the deceased. Our antique collection is one of the options available when looking for a unique headstone.

This carved headstone is a best seller because it stands out. The gravestone features a tree carved on one side. It appears as if the tree was chopped off at the top. A leafy branch extends to the top of the headstone while another one is severed from the main tree and is falling to the ground. The depiction of death by the falling branch makes this creation quite special.

A Beautiful and Timeless Design

The traditional design of the headstone is hard to get wrong. It’s simple without being too plain. The gravestone provides a lot of space for personalisation. You can opt to have the piece as is or include a few more details.

A picture of the deceased attached on the surface is an excellent idea. It can have an inscription below that is dedicated to a loved one.

Alternatively, you can opt for the engraving only. We can engrave a message on a gravestone. If you prefer some detailing like a pattern or flower, we can do it.

We used granite for this gravestone, which adds to its elegance. The piece is available in Blue Lagoon colour. Give a loved one a deserving resting place with the carved headstone from GMS.