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C1 Granite Headstone
C1 Granite Headstone Dublin

C3 Headstone

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Elegantly Simple Granite Headstone

GMS has hundreds of gravestone designs, and this model is one of our classic styles. The shape of the granite headstone resembles a shield. One side of the shield is more curved than the other.

The shield sits on two steps that give the gravestone some dimension. This design leaves space to place flowers and mementoes. You can also kneel on the lower step without any trouble.

For this design, we opted to keep the details as uncomplicated as possible. Although it's simple, the headstone oozes class. It's smooth and beautiful.

Long-Lasting Granite Gravestone

Granite, as a headstone material, offers unique benefits. First is durability. The material is exceptionally hard-wearing, which allows it to put up with significant punishment. This granite headstone doesn't shatter, chip or scratch.

It's highly resistant to fading, which means the headstone retains its original shade for a long while. Gravestones have to endure a lot, especially when set on a lawn cemetery.

With this headstone from GMS, you are assured that a loved one's resting place will remain in good condition.

You can have text, patterns or an image engraved on this granite gravestone to personalise it. We have the headstone in several colours, including Black, Blue Lagoon and Aurora. Browse our catalogue to see the other designs we have available.