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Tips on Choosing Granite Colours For Headstones

There are many variables to consider when choosing the most appropriate headstone for a friend or family member. The size, shape, design, and inscription should always be taken into account.

However, colour is equally important. There are many types of stones available and therefore you have a wide variety of hues to select.

What do these colours signify and when might a certain tone be the ideal choice? Our team has taken the time to list a handful of common varieties as well as when to select each.

Solid Black

A deep black tone is normally associated with prestige and elegance. This could be a wise choice if you are memorialising someone who was quite serious in life or associated with a position of authority.


Grey is often used due to its rather neutral tones as well as from the fact that it tends to symbolise acceptance and peace.


This is arguably the most popular option for angel headstones as well as other bespoke carved designs.


White is often used in national cemeteries as well as to celebrate the life of someone in the armed forces.


However, this is also an excellent possibility if you have been looking to display purity and innocence.


Blue and off-blue granite headstones are rather universal variants, as this colour can signify many different traits.


These include acceptance, tranquillity, love, confidence, and charity. Blue is also able to blend with the nearby surroundings; providing a decidedly seamless appeal.

As we can see, there are numerous colour options which can be selected. The main takeaway point is that your decision should revolve around the personality of the individual as well as his or her personal wishes. Selecting the most appropriate tone is an excellent way to pay a final tribute to the dearly departed.