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5 Memorial Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Are you looking to commemorate a recently lost loved one? While there are many methods to celebrate their life and legacy, it is always a good idea to take a look at five concepts which might be able to capture their essence and to provide a testament to their life. 

1. Personalised Headstone Inscriptions

Bespoke inscriptions are some of the best ways to capture the essence of the dear departed. These could include a religious quotation, one of their favourite expressions or even a joke. Of course, it is best to consult with your loved ones in order to determine the best choice. 

2. Bespoke Bouquets for Friends and Family

Flowers boast an immortal nature and their bloom signifies the endless cycle of life, rest and rebirth. This is why floral arrangements and bouquets can represent excellent options to keep in mind. It is also possible to add personalised messages and even keepsakes if you desire. 

3. Plant a Tree

One of the most recent trends is to contact organisations which will plant a tree in the name of your loved one. This act once again helps to highlight the principle of rebirth and assuming that the tree is located close to your residence, it can always be visited on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. 

4. Professional Plaques

Another interesting alternative to examine is to add customised grave plaques to an existing headstone. You will be provided with a plethora of different options in order to ensure that even the most discrete needs are met. It is likewise possible to choose from a variety of shapes, styles and embedded colours.

5. Creating a "Memory Board"

This last option represents a real-life testament to the departed. Friends and family can write messages upon a board in order to celebrate the life of the individual.


It is also possible to add images, personal items and similar memories that others will appreciate. Living boards may be employed as a public display or they can be kept within private confines; all depending upon your desires. 

Regardless of one's religious beliefs, the fact of the matter is that memorialising a loved one is an important part of the grieving process. Please keep the suggestions above in mind when making an informed and emotionally comforting decision.