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5 Common Headstone Designs

A headstone acts as a durable and memorial symbol of the existence of our beloved ones who passed away. Therefore, every aspect needs to be designed with them in mind. Today, many grave makers provide tons of headstone designs. So, it can be a daunting task to find one that your lost loved one would have desired on their gravestone.

Luckily, this article covers the top 5 commonly used headstone designs you can find in Ireland. Now, let’s see the details of the common types of memorials.

1. Material-based designs

The most common memorial materials offered and allowed in many modern cemeteries are gold and bronze. Granite is a popular pick as it is available in tons of colours and varieties. High-grade granite is incredibly durable, has a high density, structural integrity, and more consistent.


Besides, it allows for easy cutting, crafting, and finishing. Bronze, on the other hand, is best for putting on top of a granite or cement base in line with rules and regulations of a cemetery. It lasts long, although regular maintenance is a must.

2. Headstone designs based on size and shape

Headstones are available in different sizes and shapes, forming the most distinct part of the memorial. Here, you will find the following types.

• The Lawn-level, also known as basic stone, sits on the ground. Typically, they are square or rectangular.

• Bevel memorial is a few inches above the ground with a sloping shape.

• Slant memorials which cut at a certain angle and visible from a distance

• The upright monument which is large and seen from far and built with varied shapes

• Custom monuments are unique.

• Memorial benches which offer raised surface to sit on

• Specially shaped upright headstones to represent a specific item or object

3. Inscriptions

These are phrases, words, or dates included in the memorial headstone. They can be unique traditional sayings or personal quotes deemed special to the individual or family. Also, bible scripts can be ideal for the monument.

4. Images or symbols

They include religious symbols, animals, symbols of life, and love. Additionally, signs for individual passion like guitar, a ball, and others. Some headstones may have laser or hand etched image of the person or a scene.

Also, ceramic or porcelain photos can be the best as they give an individual or family portrait. Unique carvings may be the best choice for other people.

5. Use of vases

Vases compliment any specialised memorial headstone. They provide a suitable space for placing fresh yet colourful flowers. More importantly, the flowers may be ideal for representing different occasions.


That said, consider the above designs to make your loved one memorable by giving their grave a beautiful yet stylish look. Are you overwhelmed where to start from?

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